Amnesia the Dark Descent

About the title

This story starts when a young man named Daniel finds himself completely unconscious on the floor of an old Prussian castle. Soon he finds out that he brought himself to such a state and even killed some old man Alexander of Brennenburg. As in a thousand other horror games, the authors make us wander through the frightening corridors of a half-abandoned castle and generously pour in creepy findings. A tragically ended expedition, another mysterious artifact, a curse that threatens the hero, terrible experiments on people, a villain who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for the opportunity to meet his beloved again – Amnesia: Dark Descent is sure to absorb your attention!

But you won’t learn it all at once. Simple cut-scenes and numerous documents that you’ll find and study in the course of your wanderings will help you restore a complete picture one bit at a time.
The story is highly intriguing, it really makes you wonder what is going on and warms up your interest with every discovery. The diaries and notes are captivatingly written and competently arranged on the levels – you come across them just when you want to know what happened next.

The plot itself is decorated with many small details: take, for example, damask roses, which are constantly mentioned in the game, and in some places you can see them next to half-decayed corpses. But the main thing that makes you follow the plot closely is, of course, amnesia. The blank sheet of paper, which has become the memory of Daniel, is gradually filled with flashbacks and scraps of phrases that very slowly shed light on the events. But the main goal is make us tremble with dread. To achieve that, the developers didn’t only make the castle dim and frightening, but also endowed the main hero with the fear of darkness. He is also very vulnerable because he has no weapons to fight the monsters – instead he has to hide from them in dark corners that he is so afraid of. Can you deal with your fears and cope with all the challenges on the way to retrieving your memories? Let’s find out!

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