Amnesia Rebirth

About the title

It’s good to know that your favorite horror series is back and it keeps evolving in terms of graphics, gameplay and the very concept of fear! Amnesia: Rebirth is noticeably prettier in comparison with the previous chapters. The engine has remained the same, but the developers are not chasing photorealism – they focus on the visual style. And they have done an excellent job: open spaces look limitless, although in fact they remain narrow corridors, and when they are replaced by caves and basements, it becomes easy to feel claustrophobic. And all this is complemented by excellent soundtrack and traditionally skillful work with lighting.

Most of the game takes place in the Algerian desert, where the plane of the main character, Tasi, crashed, but this is far not the only location. Who knows how the girl got the amulet capable of opening cracks in story-related places! The territories are clearly handcrafted, and some of them are simply crammed with various notes, photographs, memories and interactive objects. Of course, at every turn you come across the same boxes, jugs, chests and other little things, but that allows you to get used to the gameplay faster if you already tried other Amnesia chapters.

To escape, Tasi needs to find the rest of the survivors – or at come up with a way to contact them. To do this, she sets off in the footsteps of the expedition, but the journey unexpectedly turns out to be more difficult than she might have expected. She realizes that she already was here, she already walked this path together with everyone else. What happened? In addition, Tasi gets corrupted by dark feelings, gradually turning into a monster. The influence of the curse is amplified when the girl is afraid or angry. So as soon as you find yourself in the darkness, the screen is covered with black-bloody frost, and you have to feverishly knock on the buttons in order to escape and prevent Tasi from panicking.

There are two ways to fight fear, the first (and main) of which is light. The main resource of the game is matches. They burn weakly and for a short time, but they can light a torch, candle or lantern. You need to constantly monitor their supply if you don’t want to find yourself in complete darkness and rushing thoughtlessly into an unknown direction until you finally stumble upon some light source. See how strong your nerves are and enjoy the thrilling story of Amnesia: Rebirth!

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