Amnesia Rebirth Monster

About the title

Amnesia is a game that has had a huge impact on the genre and is loved by almost all players. At the time of release, it had breakthrough technological characteristics, physics, a plot, and it was very scary. Does the new chapter live up to this standard? Let’s find out together playing Amnesia: Rebirth online!

The scene is the Algerian Desert, and the time of the action is 1930. If you remember, the first part of the game took place in 1830. By the way, these two games are connected, but not directly. By a twist of fate, the heroine discovers the same ancient mysteries that tortured the main character of Dark Descent. Only this time Tasi Trianon, who is actually an archeologist, isn’t interested in excavations. Her only desire is to restore her memories lost in a plane crash and find her husband who was among the passengers. She obviously took the same path she is following now before, judging from the traces she stumbles upon. But she doesn’t remember a single thing. The only clue she has so far is a strange artifact she was clenching in her hand when she woke up.

The plot will lead the heroine through different locations, some of them out of this world. In addition, you will learn the history of this place and its inhabitants. This atmosphere of a gloomy, sandy desert, the remains of long-dead people are everywhere and the endless darkness still works as the instigator of primeval fear.

Like in the previous parts, the player has to solve puzzles, hide from monsters and look for resources to survive. But there are some innovations. The first is matches that run out very quickly, the second is Tasi’s unborn child that you can interact with when the heroine is afraid. When panicking, Tasi runs headlong in a random direction, so you’d better prevent these fits. There is also a compass that will guide you through another world. Good luck!

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