Amnesia Rebirth 2

About the title

Imagine that you suddenly lost your memories of recent events and don’t understand how you got to this place and what you’re doing here. Sounds terrible, right? Especially when there is not a soul around and all you can do to restore the past and find your way out is follow a vague trail of clues. This is what Amnesia Rebirth 2 invites you to try your hand at. And it’s much more than just a horror quest – there is also a strong psychological element here tuning you in to the entire spectrum of the main heroine’s feelings. Confusion, despair and fear.

But don’t worry, Tasi won’t wander in the darkness for too long – she recalls facts from her life every minute. In total, there are four time lines that need to be monitored: the present, the family past, the recent past after the crash, and what is happening in the Dark World. The drama tied to the death of the heroine’s first child is definitely worth highlighting. The developers wanted to convey compassion and maternal. Tasi’s desire to keep the child gradually develops from sympathy to irritation. Plot memories are constantly interrupted by flashbacks about Paris and their first daughter, Alice. This story arc will accompany you throughout the game, overlapping other events.

The immersion process in Amnesia Rebirth 2 partially matches the first two chapters. Initially, the heroine travels linearly through the labyrinths of the caves, then she gets the starting items at her disposal and gradually remembers the past through tons of waste paper. Previously, the plot was presented in portions, providing time for reflection. But here you learn all at once and have to collect all the time lines in your head, searching the nooks and crannies for matches.

Speaking about new features, it’s worth noting the innovative death mechanic. After death, the main character will start losing her mind and this will affect further progress. There is no habitual death with checkpoints. Now the monsters don’t just attack the heroine, but try to grab her. This is followed by a cutscene where mysterious things happen to Tasi, after which you will find yourself at the site of the previous skirmish. There are only five endings, and one of them is combined with the other. That is, two of them will lead to the same conclusion, but with different options for what is happening. Plunge into this murky, disturbing story and try to help Tasi recover her past!

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