Amnesia Halloween

About the title

What makes Amnesia such a great horror game? We can’t say it’s all because of monsters and screamers which are present here, but mostly as decorations. No, the true sense of dread we feel passing this game is from the confusion caused by the loss of memory (that befalls the heroes in all chapters) and the desperation of some dark, unexplainable powers tormenting them. The depressing and alarming atmosphere is also achieved through the setting – sometimes cold and murky, sometimes violent and disgusting.

But since it’s Halloween, the developers decided to surprise the fans of Amnesia with a special addition containing some iconic evil creatures and thematic holiday references. Whether it makes the game spookier or not is up to you to decide, but playing it has surely become more fun!

Let us remind you that Amnesia currently consists of three parts following the fate of different characters that aren’t directly related to each other. There will be some overlaps in history, but it’s more of an effort to keep the chapters tied into one organic whole. Otherwise, you don’t have to play the previous parts to figure out what is happening in the game.

Because figuring out is the very concept of Amnesia living up to its name. In all cases, the heroes wake up with some of their memories erased and want to discover what happened to them. Besides, they are haunted by nightmares and dark urges they can’t explain and resist. Your quest for putting together bits of your past by exploring locations, solving puzzles and finding out more and more will be interspersed with either philosophical rumination or emotional flashes. That is the very thing that makes the Amnesia series so catchy.

So if you want to celebrate this All Saints Eve in a really creepy way, you shouldn’t hesitate to play Amnesia Halloween instead of going trick-o-treating! You are guaranteed to get some blood-chilling emotions and a few unexpected surprises the developers have prepared especially for the holiday. Plunge into a real nightmare and savor every minute of it!

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