Amnesia Anime

About the title

Even if you lost your memory and don’t remember who you are and what life you used to lead, that doesn’t prevent you from falling in love! In Amnesia anime you play as a young girl who needs to choose her beloved one from a variety of boys. The heroine is capable of interacting with her candidates through a special card deck. Each of the suit represents a different storyline. Depending on your choice, your relationship with each of the male heroes can take quite a different turn. By switching between them and trying various options, you can learn the selected character better and find out how to be happy with him.

At the same time, each action you take will bring you closer to restoring your memories. You will be accompanied by a spirit named Orion who will be with you ever since the amnesia serving as you inner voice and giving you advice on how to act in certain situations. Until the heroine remembers everything, Orion isn’t free to leave her, so it’s in his best interest to steer her in the right direction. The events of the story are also told by him – he is both your guardian angel and the narrator.

Unlike other games of the sort, each storyline doesn’t only represent an alternative course of events, but unfolds in a parallel reality. So everything may be different there, including the life and relationships the main character had before the amnesia. In each route, she also loses her memories in different ways. The crucial events aren’t fixed which gives you more freedom and adds a lot of diversity to the gameplay. Every time you chance suit, it’s like plunging into a whole new story rather than trying another version of the same one. Play Amnesia anime online, help the heroine recollect her past, select your soulmate and build a harmonious, successful relationship that will make you forget all of your mishaps!

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