Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

About the title

People are pigs who dig in the mud of wars and sins, feed themselves and lead each other to slaughter. Such thoughts often visit reflective minds. Despite its belonging to the seemingly easy genre of video games, Amnesia: A Machine for Pig also rises this theme – from an unexpected, shocking angle.

Basically, this is the same game as before where the player wanders through dark rooms, looking for notes, solving puzzles, manipulating objects and running away from monsters that can kill you with a couple of hits. But with a much more complicated storyline and conceptuality – this is the main thing that absorbs your attention and is much more frightening than monsters and darkness. This is a descent into one’s own hell, which, in the literal and figurative sense, reflects the dual nature of man, all the highest and lowest in him, that is even scary to speak out loud.

From the collected records, we learn that the main character, Mandus is not just a successful entrepreneur, the owner of a huge meat factory that feeds all of London, but also a very educated person who is not indifferent to what is happening around him. He puts on the music of Debussy to his pigs, loves reading Helena Blavatsky and Charles Babbage. Reasoning after them about the nature of people, he sincerely wants to help the world, to get rid of the surrounding dirt, pain and suffering… and finds a very radical method for this.

At the very heart of his factory stands a huge Machine, with the help of which the hero’s plans are put into practice. Gradually, we learn more and more new details about what exactly the Machine is intended for and what kind of goods it produces – and this makes us really uncomfortable. As we plunge into the depths of the plant, the Machine seems to come to life, turning into something animated, evil, with a pig’s heart in a steel chest. You won’t see so many screamers here – they are not needed because the main thing you will be afraid of during the gameplay is the Machine‚Ķ Are you ready to make this journey together with the main hero?

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