Amnesia 3

About the title

The French archeologist, Anastasia “Tasi” Trianon, is a classic strong woman – with a hard fate and a bleak past. She had to work hard and get everything on her own. And she isn’t complaining about her life. In fact, right now everything seems to be perfect. She has a loving husband and a baby on the way. What she doesn’t know is that very soon all that will get shattered in the explosion of a crashing plane and the very memories will fade from her wandering mind… Now Tasi has to find out what happened, discover her lost husband in spooky caves under the Algerian desert and, to make things even more desperate, make sure nothing happens to her unborn child.

Playing as a pregnant woman in trouble and frantically trying to find a way out of a hopeless nightmare, you involuntarily begin to empathize with the heroine. It’s like accepting a double responsibility – for Tasi herself and for a new life growing inside her. The developers don’t let you forget about it even for a single moment. For instance, when the character is scared, she can calm herself by laying her hand on her belly. But your delicate state shouldn’t prevent you from attending to the main task – searching for traces of your husband and other passengers who managed to survive the crash.

This search will take you to places that fit are just as hopeless as the situation itself. Murky underground labyrinth, gray stone walls, monotonous mazes – you can roam here for hours looking for a way out, returning to the same places over and over again and putting together pieces of the puzzle you missed earlier. And it’s not safe either! There are traps and monsters, the sense of danger can be felt in the air. Will you be able to guide Tasi to her spouse, save her and the baby and recover your memory that is a white sheet ever since the catastrophe? Play Amnesia 3 and find out!

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