Amnesia 2020

About the title

The feeling of loneliness, the idea of being abandoned at an unknown place and total confusion as to what happened – that’s how the latest part of Amnesia greets the players. Just like in the previous parts, we will deal with the loss of memory here. And that creates a whole unique horror experience – aside from the pressure of making your way through creepy places, avoiding monsters and solving riddles, you also feel completely in the dark about everything that’s going on.

As you find out later, your scary adventure started with an accident. Your plane crashed in the Algerian desert, the unconscious heroine came to her senses and began to roam the neighborhood in search of other survivors. Gradually, bit by bit, you will restore the picture of what happened and get immersed into the nightmare surrounding you.

The picture pleases with an excellent play of light and shadow adding to the entire atmosphere of suspense and fear. As you move through dark caves and encounter pieces of the puzzle, you need to make sure the main character doesn’t go mad. Pretty soon it becomes clear that things are getting worse and worse for Tasya, and the hypothetical happy ending is farther and farther away.

As soon as the heroine starts an elevator or opens a gate, she is guaranteed to fall into an even deeper dungeon, receive several seemingly incompatible injuries, end up in a nest of bloodthirsty monsters, or lose her arsenal of useful tools. Before too long, something bad will surely happen – so much so that it seems as if the progress you have achieved so far is quickly rolling back.

Tasi Trianon cannot be in the dark for a long time – auditory and visual hallucinations begin to haunt her. The matches needed for torches and lamps burn out quickly, an oil lantern also burns fuel at an accelerated pace – and useful items, despite their abundance around, have to be spent carefully. if you don’t cling to the elusive sanity and turn on the light, the heroine will panic and run at breakneck speed. Sometimes back to an already passed location. See if you can cope with all the challenges and retain sound reason in the face of complete obscurity and despair that washes all over you as you play Amnesia 2020!

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