Amnesia 2

About the title

One morning, after waking up in his huge mansion, Oswald Mandus, who has lost his memory, will not find his children in their cribs. While ransacking his estate, he can’t figure out where they went. The main breadwinner of London (meat from the Mandusa factory is the tastiest in Britain) lost his kids at his own factory. How did that happen? Nobody can even imagine what is going on in the mind of an entrepreneur who, having spent incredible money, built a huge meat production plant near London – the Machine.

It’s an almost intelligent creature: instead of thoughts – bubbling steam, instead of blood – caustic fuel, instead of kidneys – cooling pits, instead of a soul – a reflection of the creator’s aspirations to be the best and only one in this world of vice, where all people, without exception, turned into pigs. Not literally, but metaphorically. The deeper Mandus descends, the closer he is to the heart of his magnificent creation, the more frightening and even disgusting the atmosphere becomes. Children torn apart, bloody guts, seething streams of feces, and yet a deep philosophy of existence: that’s what Amnesia 2 is. An existential horror that is far less intimidating than the original part, but carries a lot more meaning.

Making his way through vomit and guts to his eminence, Oswald will meet some monsters. The main character also doesn’t know how to fight back, but there is no particular point in hiding in the dark. The creatures of the Machine are slow, they are rare, they hit not so painfully – it is quite possible to have time to escape. But on the other hand, the local bestiary is not just some kind of fantasy creatures, but real people who can evoke your pity towards the end.

Considering the morality and ethics of humanity through the eyes of a psychopath, game doesn’t bring anything new in terms of mechanics, but its story is told in an extremely epic and heartfelt way. The path to truth, as opposed to the metaphor of rising to some divine light, lies in the very depths of the plant, near the very hell. But that doesn’t change the essence. You can witness a man, mired in sin up to his ears, driven by the loud whisper of the subconscious, gets to their extreme point – an unusually strong technique. Enjoy Amnesia 2 and see how it all ends!

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