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Amnesia Game Play Online For Free

They say knowledge is power. And where do we store that knowledge to use it when we need it? That’s right, in our memory. And it’s a good thing people don’t lose it too often. Just imagine how awful it must feel. You don’t remember anything from the past few days or even weeks. You have no idea where you are, how you got here and need to come up with a plan of actions practically on an empty space. This situation evokes the feeling of a chilling fear spreading through your mind. And that’s precisely what the authors of the Amnesia series use as their main leverage to keep the player hooked up on a long and challenging gameplay that consists of exploring locations, solving riddles and finding bits of information about your past. Are you ready to begin?

Cope with your fear and remain sane!

The series of horror games called Amnesia consists of three chapters. The first one tells the story of a young man Daniel who comes to his senses in an old castle and find a note written with his hand that tells that he killed some scary alien creature and is now hiding here. This is enough to intrigue the player making them wanna find out what happened before the hero lost his memory. Yes, in every part, the main character has amnesia which serves as the main trigger for investigation. Besides, there is some barely comprehensive dark urge growing inside you. At first, these are just vague sensations and pictures, but they gain momentum and bring you on the verge of collapse. Keeping an eye on the hero’s sanity is one of the tasks you have to pay special attention to in the game. The best way to do it is to steer clear of dark places because the absence of light makes the evil voices in your head sound even more pressing. However, it’s not always possible to do – namely, when you encounter monsters, the best place you can hide from them is some dimly lit corner and that’s where you will start losing your mind. So it’s important to keep some source of light at hand – in the third chapter, you have to closely monitor your supply of matches, for instance.

Solve riddles and restore your past!

This tension and grim atmosphere gets even more blatant in the second chapter of Amnesia where you play as a rich and successfully owner of a meat factory. However, he is obsessed with ideas of making the world a better place, feeding the poor and resorting justice for everyone. To achieve this goal, he builds a grandiose installation called the Machine – something that turns into his personal nightmare. Descending deep underground, into the heart of his own creation, the hero will discover that he made a real monster that now threatens the lives of his own children.

Finally, the third part of the game takes us to the desert when the heroine who survived a plane crash is searching for her husband. As she explores the locations and caves, she stumbles upon traces of ancient civilizations and a portal to another world. The basic mechanics are the same for all games – you need to solve puzzles to make your way through the map, collect pieces of your past and restore your memories. Spooky atmosphere, psychological pressure and absorbing story turn Amnesia into a special kind of horrible delight you definitely need to check out!

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